Cold Kiwi Homes

Cold Kiwi Homes

Cold Kiwi Homes

Are we building Cold Kiwi Homes? Are we in denial that they aren’t cold?

In the latest article written by, they look into how one couple was “stunned at how cold our Kiwi homes are in winter.”

For them, a solution of double glazing, insulation and retrofitting was a no brainer. However, for most these improvements come at a huge expense and for renters, this can be out of their control. For renters, the Rental Warrant of Fitness could be a stepping stone in getting improvements to their rental.

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By getting a Rental Warrant of Fitness, you are not only getting a rating of the livability of the property but you also are getting a full report of the assessment of the property. Within the report, your local Assessor will directly look at the insulation in your rental. The result of the report gives evidence to landlords where work needs to be done.

Along with insulation, the Rental Warrant of Fitness assessment looks at a number of contributing criteria affecting how cold your home is. For more information about this please take a look at our brochure, which lists a number of criteria the Rental WOF looks at. Or you can contact us through our contact page for more information about what the assessment is made up of.

Read more about how the Rental Warrant of Fitness can help both landlords and renters here.

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