Rental Homes Twice As Likely To Be Poorly Maintained

Rental Homes Twice As Likely To Be Poorly Maintained

Rental Homes Twice As Likely To Be Poorly Maintained – News Article

The latest research has found rental homes are twice as likely to have poorly maintained features than owner-occupied homes!

Do you ever feel like your landlord is not putting as much effort into maintaining your rental property as they are not living in it?

A recent article highlighted a survey undertaken on 560 New Zealand homes. The survey found that “almost a third of rentals were deemed by assessors to have poorly maintained features, compared to only 14 percent of owner-occupied properties.”

This clearly shows that there is a big difference in the quality of rental properties compared to owner-occupied homes. Even with the recent law changes coming into effect where “all rental properties have to be insulated and fitted with working smoke alarms”, not enough is being done to drastically improve rental conditions.

Tenancy Protection Association Christchurch manager Di Harwood suggested a rental warrant of fitness could be a great benefit to the rental industry, “The fact is, if the WOF was in place, we could identify these homes a lot sooner and deal with issues effectively.”

The Rental Warrant of Fitness program has a structured livability rating system that assesses properties on a range of criteria highlighting where issues may be. The assessment result could get your landlord into action on any problem areas or give you reassurance that you are living in a well-maintained property. Find our how the process works here.

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